We invite our prideful rainbow family and allies to participate in our #PrideIs campaign in celebration of #WorldPrideNYC & #Stonewall50!

In celebration of #WorldPride2019 and in commemoration with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City, the Caribbean Equality Project is launching “Pride Is”: a social media campaign to amplify diasporic Caribbean LGBTQ+ immigrant visibility and liberation initiatives, efforts, and activations in NYC. It is the unspoken truth that many of our Caribbean LGBTQ+ people feel trapped, invisible, and isolated from the larger community, most are still struggling to navigate an identity that never had an opportunity to be nurtured and liberated. The power of this campaign is produced through empowering affirmations of #RedefiningPride by Queer & TGNC people of color participants in the Caribbean diaspora and throughout the Caribbean region who, through #LivingPridefully, are fearlessly working to inspire the next generation of Caribbean LGBTQ+ youth and construct futures without the rampant presence of heterosexism and anti-LGBTQ hate violence.

Campaign Goals:

1. Raise awareness about experiences of People of Caribbean descent in the diaspora and Caribbean region.

2. To highlight and uplift the voices of those who remain invisible and unable to disclose their identity (i.e., “closeted”).

3. To encourage allies (of Caribbean Descent) of the LGBTQ+ community to help promote acceptance and solidarity in the Caribbean Community at large.

4. Galvanize community support for participation in major marches during pride month.

The category is … PRIDE!

We invite our prideful rainbow family and allies to participate in our #PrideIs campaign in celebration of #WorldPrideNYC & #Stonewall50!

As a Queer & TGNC-Caribbean, what does pride mean do you?

Campaign Instructions:

1. Email your answer, name, and photo* to info@CaribbeanEqualityProject.org with the subject “Pride Is” or Instagram and Facebook us at @CaribbeanEqualityProject. * Name and photo are optional.

2. Share your country of origin/ Caribbean region nationality.

3. In the absence of your name and photo, the flag of your Caribbean country/ island of origin will be used with your quote.

4. Deadline is June 28, 2019.

Submissions for our “Pride Is” campaign will focus on various LGBTQ+ individuals and allies expressing their views on the concept of “pride.” These will be broken down into the following four (4) categories:

1. LGBTQ+ people who are “out.”

2. LGBTQ+ people who are “private,” “discreet” or “closeted.”

3. Parents with an LGBTQ+ child.

4. Children with LGBTQ+ parent(s).

Examples of our Pride Is campaign:

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