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Dexter McLennon

Storytelling Panelist

Dexter McLennon is a Queer Afro-Guyanese immigrant and human rights activist. While living in Guyana, he experienced years of physical and verbal anti-LGBTQ hate violence and employment discrimination. In 2017, Dexter migrated to New York City. With no family or secured housing in the melting pot of the world, he faced homelessness.

Today, Dexter is regular and active member of the Caribbean Equality Project’s Unchained: Caribbean LGBTQ Support Group, where he serves as a mentor. After 18 months of navigating NYC’s immigration and legal system, in 2018, Dexter was granted asylum. With his newly found freedom and liberation, he enrolled in an Emergency Medical Technician training course. Dexter is now a certified and employed Emergency Medical Technician.