The Book of Jasmine is the thesis film written and directed by Melanie Grant, a graduate of the University of the West Indies. After confessing to her Spiritual Mother that she is attracted to a woman, Jasmine, a spiritual Baptist is urged to mourn and seek spiritual guidance on the conflict she faces. Filmed in Barbados, the short drama follows Jasmine over the course of a day as she makes preparations to undergo the mourning ritual. Believing that she must choose between her spirituality and her sexuality, she attempts to suppress her desires by rejecting the woman she loves. That evening during the ritual, Jasmine experiences a spiritual journey that brings her closer to the answers she is seeking.

The Book of Jasmine is the second part of a short film trilogy examining the conflicts faced by sexual minorities in Barbados. The first part of the series entitled Pieta, which examines the long-term effects of homophobia of relationships, has been screened both locally and internationally.