My Truth, My Story:

A Caribbean LGBTQ Oral History and Storytelling Documentary Series


Produced by Caribbean Equality Project in Association with Akehsam Productions

Written and Directed by: Mohamed Q. Amin

Videographer & Editor: Masheka Joseph

My Truth, My Story (MTMS) is Caribbean Equality Project’s multimedia oral history and storytelling documentary series that provides compellingly authentic unspoken stories of immigrant Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) immigrants of Caribbean heritage. The stories reveal struggles with suicide, mental health, the intersection of religion and sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS and represent the driving force behind these storytellers’ pride-filled personal growth. MTMS aims to unveil, liberate and unshackle survivors from a culture of silence and fear by creating a tool to foster dialogue with their families and broader cultural communities. My TRUTH, My STORY serves as an invaluable tool to promote networks of support for Caribbean LGBTQ individuals struggling with issues inclusive of, but not limited to: coming out, family acceptance, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, physical and mental health issues, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. These individuals tend to lack significantly supportive and safety networks, and as such, they serve as one of our main focus. We celebrate our campaign participants’ courage, diversity, intersectional identities and strength to stand in their own light through their vulnerability. In doing so, they can live their truth fearlessly; with the hope of igniting thought-provoking dialogue on issues that affect the LGBTQ community within the Caribbean diaspora.

Dominique Jackson

Victoria Veemala

Skyler "Shammie" Manchoon

The Love Story of Gail & Trina

Krishna Ramsarran

Upon completion of production, the video archive is available as a free resource to the LGBTQ community, educators, and the public. Year-round, CEP host nation-wide screenings of My TRUTH, My STORY at allied organizations, faith-based institutions, in NYC public schools, and at LGBTQ Summits and Conferences. In addition to regular community screenings and engagements, annually, CEP host "L.O.V.E.: Living Our Values Equally," a celebration of Queer & TGNC Caribbean love. We invite the Caribbean LGBTQ community and the general public for an intimate screening of the newest installment of our storytelling documentary series “My Truth, My Story,” to showcase the inspirational journey of our prideful participants. This dynamic and multidisciplinary event also features Know Your Rights presentations, LGBTQ Caribbean storytelling, HIV activism, Trans education, and culturally diverse performing arts, all followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with our esteemed speakers.

To learn more about the Caribbean Equality Project & for regular updates on our work connect with us on YouTube, Twitter @CaribEquality and Facebook and Instagram at @CaribbeanEqualityProject.